What I’ve Been Doing (The Short Version)

is this.  For about the last nine months now I’ve been talking about this quilt that I’m going to make out of porcelain.  Only now I’m actually making it.  There have been several stages (or, um, mis-steps) in terms of how to best engineer the thing, but the upshot is that I think I have a) decided for sure on the clay, b) decided for sure on the quilt pattern, and c) decided for sure on the thread.  And d) almost for sure on the glazing (what you see above).

My initial plan involved the quarter circles as separate pieces, too, but things got very busy.  So I indicated that break with a thickish but gentle impression bordered on either side by perforations at a scant 1/4″.

The clay body I’m using is a cone six porcelain from Georgie‘s here in Portland.  It’s called Trillium Porcelain.  I picked up a bag to experiment with, but I think I prefer the Silver Falls Porcelain, also from Georgie’s, also cone six, but whiter and more, you know, porcelain-like.  So that’s what I’ll use when it’s time to make the actual quilt.

In other (and rather exciting if I do say so myself) news: I was accepted into the Portland Open Studio Tour for next October.  These are the three photos I sent in with my application:

I was tempted to, but did not, submit this one:

Somehow, even without it, I managed to get in.

So, mark your calendars: October 9, 10, 16, & 17.  I swear the quilt will be done by then.  And Yoshi will be on-site for autographs.

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