Texture, according to San Francisco.

Hmm, how well these first two photos match my blog theme.  Predilection for creamy ivory/apricot and bluish to brownish greys: duly noted.

The trip to SF that J & I took back in January was saturated with light.  The result was frequently captivating, in fact it was so captivating that I didn’t even think to take photographs of most of it, including the ride on the carousel and the Sutro Baths (what greys!). The Ethiopian food was also captivating, but for different reasons.

The shots I did end of snapping, I noticed, make up a sort of study of textures.

Also, because I live in Portland, my sensibilities when it comes to moss are pretty refined.  I might even admit to being a little smug about this.

Well, point taken, San Francisco. You’ve won this round.

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