Louise, boy, did you have a good run.

You did things with aplomb. Thank you for the swaths you mowed (so to speak) for the ladies among us, but mostly, well, thank you for your work.

I’d like to think, as my posture aligns through all of the yoga I’ve been doing, that I’ll simultaneously manage to manifest aplomb as a by-product.  We’ll see.

Hands have been busy.  I’m still working out a stitch language for this piece (which for some reason has grown in importance to the overall series).  What I do know:  the two, unequal halves will be stitched directly onto what you see peeking out below — a 12″ canvas wrapped in crumpled carbon paper.  The sheen, the texture, is just right.

I’ve been trying to work on this piece at night, after I’m done in the studio; I actually keep bringing it to bed with me.  Because of all the hemming and hawing with the stitch pattern, though, I haven’t made all that much progress, and so I end up tucking the poor thing in my underwear drawer to protect it from Yoshi the night-monster/cat.

Then, of course, in my bleary 5:00ish morning state, as I’m assembling the requisite stack of garments to put on for the work day, I pull open the skivvy-drawer and lo! art.  This probably has some sort of Freudian implications, but let me tell you I’m a bit behind in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, so it will be awhile before I can explain just what.

More work in progress, with plans on paper and in clay. Note the vacillation from lined to unlined paper.  I’m going to make a decision about this soon, because going back and forth is nonsense.

Testing out the straight pins en route to the vessels becoming creatures.  Is this work a tangent?  Yes, I think probably.  Unless I can link up the totem-ish sequence from the second sketch above to the  quilt/assembly/tucking nooks and crannies in part.

A problem for another night.  Tonight, I’m going to pour myself a beverage of sorts and spend a little more time with you know who.

Sayonara, Louise.

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  1. Louise had a beautiful portfolio.

    Quilt is looking lovely.

    This May-June transition has been brutal for loved ones passing from what I see and hear too, ugh.

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