Summer, Part One

The beginning of summer break invariably races by amid all sorts of social events.  This year was no exception, as the last three weeks have included:

five parties (two of which J & I hosted)
one promotion (my daughter)
one graduation (my sister)
one concert (Stars)
one funeral (my grandfather)
one professional conference (I spoke as part of a panel, and apparently as a multiple: my name tag read “Carolyn Drakes”)
one houseguest
one trip to the emergency room (everyone is fine now)
one reality tv show (!)
all sorts of dinners and coffees and brunches and lunches…

    Now, however, it is time to get down to business.

    How Far (1)

    I’ve made a total of six pinched tea bowls in this series; these two seemed like they wanted to be friends (maybe more?) so I sent them off together as a submission for a juried show (fingers crossed).

    Yes, thank you for pointing out that these photos are a bit blurry.  I’m working on it.

    How Far (2)

    I do love that back edge.  The glaze I used on the inside of the porcelain didn’t come out as dark and murky as I’d intended, so I tried adding a layer of brown india ink and was pleased with the result.  None of these photos really capture the fragility of these tea bowls; they are very thin and light and a little frightening to hold because of the delicate edges.  Good.

    I’ll also have you know that I’ve begun taking classes from the lovely and talented and very smart Sara Swink. I admire (and deeply envy) her method of going from idea in head to project on table.  It is very rewarding to be working with a mentor.  I haven’t had a teacher since last summer, and I haven’t really ever had a teacher in ceramics who was focusing on the what and why behind the work, rather than the how.

    Last: today is my first attempt at the official summer schedule.  It’s supposed to go sort of like this: wake up rawther early, have coffee down in the studio and work until… whenever I need to stop. Eat and do house and garden things until late afternoon. Nap.  Drink tea, books, and internet. Make dinner.  Go back down to studio until late.  (Garnish with pine nuts and parmesan to taste.)

    In other words, it’s time for me to go back downstairs.


    1. I got a text about someone seeing you on My First Place the other night! I wish I had HGTV to tune in too, would’ve been interesting to see. 🙂

      My condolences over your grandfather, congratulations to all else, save for the nametag reading. At least your name is not almost always phonetically mangled! I too have a houseguest (or two!) for six weeks. Then they are moving to New York for grad school. eee.

      Beautiful tea bowls, I absolutely love the stitch effects in your work!

      Best wishes to your tutelage and adhering to the summer schedule. Personally I try to avoid schedules throughout, but maybe that’s because I haven’t quite become a totally responsible adult yet.

    2. The TV show was very surreal, but watching it in a hotel room with a bunch of friends and family was really very fun. Fun if you like to laugh at yourself, I mean… yesterday we received our classy commemorative dvd from HGTV; I’m sure it’s destined to become a treasured family heirloom.

      Thanks for all of the well wishing otherwise, and for the record, I can’t say being a totally responsible adult is among my proudest accomplishments!

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