August, She Flew (Menucha Post I)

It’s going to take awhile, so we’ll start here.  I went to Menucha and made sixteen porcelain teacups.  Here are most of them.

I made some other things, too, and we can talk about them later.

Our teacher was Judy Teufel, who is someone I have long admired, and is brilliant and a local legend and yet so unassuming that she is almost totally absent from the internet.  If you know who she is, you know how lucky we were to have her.  She’s mostly stopped teaching.

These were all raku-fired, and the outside is raw porcelain that’s picked up the smoke from the reduction chamber.  A few of them, like the ones below, have linen thread sewn through the handles.

The idea was that I planned to serve tea at Open Studios, and maybe someone would want to buy a teacup to have tea in.  Of course, my teacups are akin to Steve Martin’s “Cruel Shoes,” but that’s just how things go.  I can only make things the way that I make them.  Or, as the title of a book about weaving puts it, This is how I go when I go like this.

I so understand that.

They’ll be sold singly or in pairs in boxes with stitched muslin lining.  Getting a little precious, I know, but they just beg for nests.

I think these two are my favorites.

Open Studios is stealthily approaching, and I have several of the lovely tour guides/calendars available ($15), also this week the postcard I designed for the participating Montavilla artists should be coming in, so if you’d like one sent to you in, like, the real mail, just email me your address.


    1. Thank you. I am working on sixteen more that I will hopefully have finished in time for Open Studios. I’m planning on having a pre-show for friends and family, in case you are interested?

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