When I worked for the Smithsonian during my junior year of college, there were a lot of indicators that it was a serious institution.  Things like badges with your photo that a real-live person checked when you entered the building, and that you scanned again to get in the elevator, and again to get into your office wing.  You couldn’t even use the bathroom without taking your badge, or you had to wait for someone to let you back into the wing.  Also, you signed yourself in and out every day while a video camera looked down accusingly over your shoulder.

At the time, it made me feel very important.  For about two days.  And then it was sort of annoying.


Here I am, dropping off one of my pieces (remember this guy?) at MoCC.  In fact, it seems like I should mention that this is the first piece I’m showing.  As in anywhere in the world, on purpose.  Well, I mean, other than on the internet.  I think it’s an auspicious beginning.

I have been to MoCC several times, though not as many as I’d like, and it definitely has the whole serious institution quality down.  Not a bad thing at all, just strange that I’m a part of it, in a small way, in an artist capacity.  I am a pretty serious person, so there’s that.

All the grids.  What a stairwell.

Also worth a mention: this Saturday, September 18, from 1-4, I’ll be on site at MoCC to demo my stitching & clay techniques.

You should come say hello!

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