Smokey Joe

I may have mentioned that the Christmas before last, my sister and brother and law gave J & I a gas grill for Christmas.  Since then, I’ve been intending to turn our old stand-by, Smokey Joe, into a smoking chamber for my smaller ceramic projects.  Am I the first person to have this idea?  No.  Does that make it less awesome? No.

I brought a few student projects home to smoke, too, so I had the standard garbage can and the Weber going.  Awesome.

Succulent little fellows! The range of tones I was able to achieve with this group of discs made me well pleased. The piece these belong to is now close to finished, and will be in the gallery at  Ceramics Showcase next weekend.  You should go!

I’ll have eight or so pieces overall in the show, and some of my students will have work in the high school gallery. Again I say: Awesome!

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