Dark Water at the Foot of the Mountain

A new year, and an internet makeover.  Welcome to both!

The week after Christmas, Joaquin and I went — with family — back to Yachats, home of the best rocks on the Oregon coast. It was stormy again and we mostly stayed indoors and listened to the shaking and howling.  I also made some major headway with my new project, Choreo.

Choreo is a book that I’m making out of porcelain-coated slabs of cinnamon colored clay. Thin slabs, perfect-ish squares. They’ll be sewn together (naturally) with a linen binding.  The book is about what you don’t know, and the dancing that goes on in the meantime.

The original idea came from my perplexed state over what exactly Joaquin does with all of those numbers and letters on his computer screens for his work.  Even after five years of watching him work and hearing him talk about it, my sense of it is totally fragmented. I began to map out what exactly I do know, or at least think I know, and in my sketches — done in incised correction fluid over marker, thank you Rachel Whiteread — and notes, I came to realize that what I was trying to capture was much larger.  Still working on how much larger.

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