Followers on the Loose

I’ve been making progress with the Little Followers project.  Let’s not talk about Choreo.

(glazed, but not yet high fired)

My plan is to have 33 of these grouped on a tray, classified to some degree by the glaze colors and by size.  Establishing a social hierarchy of sorts.

For a couple of reasons I hadn’t been out to Clay Circle to work on things, so in the meantime I set a temporary studio up in Joaquin’s office at the Portland house. Actually, I shouldn’t even call it a temporary studio — it’s just a parson’s table and rolly stool in the corner.  I basically always carry around a tupperware bin plus an old cloth Spiegel “unshopping” bag from the 70s with whatever I happen to be working on.  This is only feasible because the majority of my ceramic work is so tiny.

I had planned to use a three-color scheme for the insides of the followers, but these four just seemed right.  How that is going to work with my hierarchy remains to be seen.

Two of these are engobes fired at cone 6, where they get a little satiny, and the other two are mid-range glazes.  Now that I’m looking at them here, these colors are so northwest-y.  I hope that doesn’t get too cute.

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