Vacation Just Means Watercolors

J & I spent a handful of nights out at our favorite place, Yachats. Here are my calves after July sun on the Oregon coast, ha! Just fine by me anyways.

I had planned to bring clay with me but after working on Elektra (the Silver Streak) & the yard, as well as with porcelain, steadily for the last month or so, my right hand was giving me a lot of trouble in the form of, well, pain.  So no clay.

But! I did have watercolors.

In the actual town of Yachats, we did two important things.  One was go to a little used bookstore so I could get a book to cut up and paint with, and the other was pastries and coffee with coconut milk in it.

I ended up getting a book called Women Artists that is full of oversimplistic and questionable statements about women artists.  So cutting it up felt great.  The book would be a good impetus for a series of works but do I need another project right now, no no no.

I also did some sewing, wow it had been a long time.  That was maybe cheating in terms of resting the hand, but I couldn’t resist! David Hicks colors + sashiko embrodiery = happiness.

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