Up & Coming

At the end of the summer, about one million years ago, I had the good fortune to go to Creative Arts Community at Menucha again.  It was, as expected, fantastic.  I don’t want to talk too much about it or it will get so popular I might not be able to get a spot next year.

This time I learned about majolica from Susannah Lints. The class had but five students, but wow, they were a talented & inspiring group of ladies.

I also made some crazy notes in my sketchbook, see?  Mmmm, test tiles.

While there, I came close to finishing the pages for my next book.  Book out of clay, that is — this one features the shiny majolica glaze, black on white, with oxides and mason stains, on round terra cotta pages.  This one’s about something different; I can at least tell you the title: Eva/Lilith.  At least that the working title.

After I came home and found myself confronted with a new year of teaching, I did the only sensible thing: I cut off my hair again.

So now somehow it’s October, and that means time for the Portland Open Studio tour!  This time my studio is out in West Linn, with the great Sara Swink.  I think you knew that, but a reminder’s not a bad idea.  Anyways, it’s Oct 13-14 & 20-21.   I’ll have some of the new majolica work to show along with my porcelain. It is going to be good.

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