Magic April

I’m calling it magic April to be optimistic.  So far it’s been cold and windy April.  But at least I’ve been working in the studio…

photo 3

A while back, Joaquin was doing some wood carving to make prints. So recently, after my right hand began to rebel — as in, seize up in pain — from too much pinching (uh, see below photos), I decided I’d better work in a different way. So I’m printing some relief slabs that will hopefully feature truly delectable surface treatments, and be framed in wood after firing. I hope to have a set of three ready in time for Ceramics Showcase.


I’ll have work in the main gallery and sculpture gallery again this year.

So the pinching has been a little out of control, as I mentioned 1

I’m pretty excited about this project, I have to say.

It’s 36 pinched porcelain vessels that will be mounted to a painting board, in a grid of 3 x 12.  The dots inside the vessels create a gradient from white to very dark grey.

Assuming all goes well and I have lovely photos to post, I’ll tell you more about the impetus.

photo 2

After much deliberation, I’m trying out Georgie’s Eggshell Wash, wiped back on the inside w/ 2 coats on the outside.  I should get the test vessels back this Saturday, so fingers crossed.

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