35: Let’s Be Friends

In the midst of getting ready for Ceramics Showcase, I had a birthday.  It was pretty ok!


Not that you can tell it by looking at my cat.  He is taking things pretty seriously. My daughter Sylvia does a better job of taking things in stride.

These smiles are owing to the knowledge that we are about to have truffle oil on our pizzas. And we were not disappointed, no no.

photo 3

Tiny cups after the high fire.  In fact this piece is done!  It is difficult to photograph, but I am working on it.  Also the epoxy is still setting, so the coast is not totally clear.

photo 4

What a glaze, right? Spectrum’s Texture Mossy over black stain.  I am going to have this be my second gallery piece, I think.  I’d like to see the reactions to it.  Is it funny or sad?

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