October Means

Open Studios! Yes, once again I’ll be out at the West Linn studio with the fabulous Sara Swink… who rumor has it is soon to be featured on Oregon Art Beat.

You know my absence means I have had too much clay on my hands to write… or something.

Burnished Vessel

Actually, I have another article coming out this Nov. in American Craft. Very exciting, as this one focuses on some of the many (as in far too many) things happening in the Portland art, craft, and design scene.  So it hasn’t all been cool baths and macaroons.  Anyways it’s October so it’s hot baths and student-teacher conferences.

ombre vessels

lino print on clay


Here’s a couple of in-progress shots.  Of course I’m still making the little vessels with dots — here, they are in pairs — mated for life! Also, notice the gradient, how trendy I know.

The second pic shows something I’ve been spending more time on — printing carved linoleum into clay slabs.  The latest versions feature oxides and underglazes, with a bit of sheen here and there.

smoke fired pendant

Also: I’ve been making a lot of jewelry.  A few pieces, including this cutie, are in my etsy store. Or you could just come pay me a visit at the studio, this weekend and next, 10-5 on Sat. and Sun.

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  1. Carolyn,
    We still have some of your pieces on our entry table and, as we do a bit of entertaining, get lovely comments about them all the time. They continue to give us pleasure and hope to see your work again, soon.
    thanks for adding to our home.

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