I took some photos of what I’ve been working on, but they turned out no good.  Really. Because I ran my batteries down and had to use a different camera.

What I should do, I realize, is take some new ones tomorrow, but I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out in the morning (I’d like to cut down on the number of responsibilities I’ve shirked for, hmm, over a decade).  So I don’t think I can count on that.

I figured there was another project in my iPhoto library I could pull out to post about.  And spent the next hour scrolling back through close to four years of photos.  Have you done this?  You find all kinds of things.

Like how young your little daughter was when you went to New York.

And how funny it was when you discovered you were a much better roller skater than your boyfriend. No matter what he said about the way you do the Hokey Pokey.

How well matched the sunlight and the meringue were that day you went to Powell’s and found that book –the one you had no idea how much you would need.

How all of Yoshi used to fit in the bathroom sink.

And then it’s 11:00 and you are full of nostalgia (and bibimbap, because you were too busy smoke firing things in the yard to start dinner until dark).  So you just shrug and say… it’s summer.  There’s plenty of time.

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  1. Oh god the anguish from Yoshi made me snort-chuckle.

    Enjoy the languid week (and a half maybe) post-surgery.

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