Back in a Time Made Simple by the Loss

…Of detail, burned, dissolved, and broken off

Like graveyard marble sculpture in the weather.”

–from Robert Frost’s “Directive”

Rejection makes things very, very real. I respect that.

Well. It seems like Spring is finally maybe actually possibly here, after a Spring Break that was notable for an utter lack of sun and heating oil (grim).  But now: to work! I have been going to Sara‘s every Saturday, so it’s not like nothing’s been going on over here, and I have got more ideas that my dry little fingers can handle at the moment. If I can keep my dalliances into the realm of figures to a minimum (I’m  supposed to be making nests on wheels, people) I should be able to make some serious progress over the next few weeks. And keeping busy, they say, is a good way to get over, you know, rejection.

P.S. These photos are from the most recent trip to Yachats, home to the best rocks in Oregon.

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